A Selection of Scottish Poetry
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Robert Burns and Luath

Here is a collection of Scottish poems - some of which you will know and love, while others may be new to you. Some of the poems use old Scots words but these are "translated" for you at the end of each page. In all, you'll find over 300 examples of Scottish poetry.

There are some poems of Walter Wingate in the index below. A lot more have been indexed on a separate page which is available here with illustrations by Wingate himself.

Note that there is also a large collection of Traditional Scottish Songs on this site.

The picture is of a statue of Robert Burns (and his dog Luath) in Dumfries.


Absent-minded Andra
Address to the Barley Seed
Address to a Haggis
Address to the Toothache
Address to the Unco Guid
Almae Matres
Ancient Town of Leith
Any Singers, Any Songs?
Atholl Road (The)
Auld House (The)
The Australian Sunrise
Babbity Bowster
Ballade of Autumn
Ballade Of "Churchwardens"
Ballade of the Bookworm
Ballade of Roulette
Ballade of the Royal Game of Golf
Ballade of the Summer Term
Ballade Of Tobacco Smoke
Ballade of True Wisdom
Ballade of Wordly Wealth
Banks o' the Dee
Bard's Epitaph (A)
Bed in Summer
Ben Lomond
Ben Nevis
Biter Bit (The)
Blackbird's Nest (A)
Bonnie Wood O' Craigielea
Border Burn (A)
Bottle and a Friend
Boy in the Train
Boy's Song
Broken Bowl (The)
Bruce and the Spider
Burnie (The)
Burns' Centenary
Candlemas Day
Castle Gordon
Castle Old And Grey (A)
Child Wish (A)
Christmas Carol
City of Perth (The)
Clear Mountain Dew (The)
Come Lads and Come Lassies
Constant Lover (The)
Contented Wi' Little and Cantie Wi' Mair
Crookit Kirk (The)
Cuddle Doon
Culloden Moor (Seen in Autumn Rain)
Curlers’ Grace
Daft Days (The)
Dainty Bit Plan (The)
Date of Easter (The)
Davie's First Breeks
Dear Auld Scotland
Dear Wee Rogie Pogie
Demon Drink (The)
Descriptive Jottings of London
Discovery of America (The)
Div Y' Min'? (Do You Remember?)
Dominie's Happy Lot
Dreary Change (The)
Drinkin' Drams
Drunkard's Raggit Wean (The)
Edinburgh (2)
Elegy - Written in Spring
Epistle to a Young Friend
Ettrick Forest in November
Exile (The)
Fairy Dance (The)
Falling Snow
Famous Tay Whale
Fareweel, Edinburgh
Fareweel to Scotia
Farewell to Scotland
Five Shilling Fee (The)
Fitba' Family
Flowers (The)
Free Boots
Freedom and Love
From a Railway Carriage
From a Window in Princes Street
From the Visitors' Book of Ben Nevis Hotel
Gardener (The)
Gin (If) I Was God
Glasgow (by Wm McGonagall)
Goalkeeper's Ghost (The)
Good Night, An' Joy Be Wi Ye A'
Granny's Gairden
Granny Sleep
Hail, Land of My Fathers!
Half-Hour's Furlough (The)
Hame, Hame, Hame
Happy We Are Thegither
Heather Ale
Heather and the Fern (The)
Hen's a Hen For a' That (A)
Here's to the Year That's Awa'
Here's to You Again
Hey, Jock, Are Ye Glad Ye 'listed?
Highland Boat Song (A)
Highland Crofter (The)
Highlands Swelling Blue
Hills In The Hielands (The)
Hill-Water (The)
Hipperty Skipperty
His Sixth Birthday
I Aften Wish
I'm Fine Thank You
I'm Naebody Noo
In Flanders Fields
In Memoriam, Private D. Sutherland
In Praise of Claret
In Shadowland
In The Country
In the Highlands
"It War Crackit Afore"
Jamie Douglas
John Dove
John Frost
Kate to Jock
Keepsake Mill
Kiss of the King's Hand (A)
Kitchen Lecture (A)
Land of Story Books (The)
Land o' the Leal
Langsyne, When Life was Bonnie
The Lass o' Gowrie

Lay of the Last Minstrel (Extract)
Life's a Faught
Lines on Revisiting a Scottish River
Lines Written on a Bank-note
Loch Katrine
Lord of the Isles
Lord Ullin's Daughter
Lost Love (The)
Lucky Call (The)
MacCrimmon's Lament
Mackenzie Prayer
Maggots (The)
Maister and the Bairns (The)
Ma Mither Tung
Manly Sports
Martyrs of Scotland (The)
Maw, Whit if he Ever Gets Oot?
McAllister Dances Before the King
McLean's Welcome
Meg Swan's Exploit
Message of the Bee (The)
Mile and a Bittock
Mither's Lecture Tae Her Ne'er-dae-weel Son (A)
Moosie's Prayer (The)
Mountain Twilight
Mrs Purdie's Aipple Tart
Mull Weather
My Dear and Only Love
My Doug
My First Bawbee
My First New Hat
My Hame
My Shadow
Nae Day Sae Dark
Nest Eggs
Ode to Leven Water
Ode to the Queen on her Jubilee Day
Oh! Bluidy Orkney
Old Soldier of the Gareloch Head (The)
On Leaving Mrs. Brown's Lodgings
On The Quay
Oor Location
Oor Neibor's Pianny
Oor Wullie
Oot The Windae
Our Ain Wee Way
Paidlin' Wean (The)
Pair o' Nicky Tams (A)
Paper Kate
Pest (The)
Pictures in the Fire
Pipes at Lucknow (The)
Pleasures O' Hame (The)
Poet (The)
Problem (The)
Rantin' Rev'rend
Reply (The)
Return (A Piper's Vaunting)
River of Life (The)
Robert Burns (by William Topaz McGonagall)
Robin Tamson's Smiddy
Rural Walks Near Dollar
Sair Finger
Schule in June
Scotch Caution (A)
Scotch Drink
Scotch Porridge
Scotch Words
Scotia's Thistle
Scotland Our Mither
Scotland Yet
Scot's Lament
Scottish Emigrant's Farewell (The)
Scottish Exile's Farewell (The)
Scottish Lasses
Sea-King's Burial (The)
Selkirk Grace
Sermon on Daniel (The)
Singin' Tattie-Bogle (The)
Sing Me a Song of a Lad That is Gone
Sir William Wallace
Sleep Well
Smokey the Cat
Song of Light (A)
Song of Paradise
Song of the Road
Sorry to Part
Sough o' War (A)
SS Politician
Stey Brae (Steep Hill)
Summer Sun
Swallow (The)
Tae the Presbytery
Tall Tale
Tam's Reformation
Tay Bridge Disaster
Tears of Scotland (The)
Thankless Lady (The)
That Weary Gowf
There's a Good Time Coming
Thistle's Grown Aboon the Rose (The)
Tit for Tat
To Alison Cunningham, From Her Boy
To a Louse
To a Mountain Daisy
To a Mouse
To Any Reader
To Exiles
To The Commissioners of Northern Lights
To the Cuckoo
To the Evening Star
Tramcar of Rhyme (The)
Transformation (The)
Treasure of Love (The)
Vagabond (The)
Verses on the Destruction of the Woods near Drumlanrig
Village of Balmaquhapple (The)
Waitin on the Glesca Train
Wally Dug (The)
Wauken Up
Weaving of the Tartan (The)
Wedding of Shon MacLean (The)
Wee Croodlin Doo (The)
Wee Jessie's First Step
Wee Joukydaidles
Wee Laddie's First Soirée
Wee Peter At His Lesson
Wee Raggit Laddie to the Laird of Blackford Hill (The)
Wee Willie Winkie
Wha Daur Meddle Wi' Me?
Whiff of Nature (A)
Whigmaleerie (A)
Whus'lin' Geordie
Wild Geese (The)
Winsome Wean, Bonnie Wean
Ye Cannae Shove Yer Granny Aff a Bus!

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