Scottish Poetry Selection
- Eild

Although this is a poem about old age (eild) by Robert Tannahill, the poet himself didn't even reach the age of 36 before he drowned himself in a canal in his native town of Paisley.


The rough hail rattles thro' the trees.
   The sullen lift low'rs gloomy gray,
The trav'ller sees the swelling storm,
   And seeks the alehouse by the way.

But, waes me! for yon widowed wretch,
   Borne doun wi years an heavy care;
Her sapless fingers scarce can nip
   The wither'd twigs tae beet her fire.

Thus youth and vigour fends itsel;
   Its help, reciprocal, is sure,
While dowless Eild, in poortith cauld,
   Is lanely left tae stan the stoure.

Meaning of unusual words:
eild=old age
waes me=woe is me
stan the stoure=endure the storm

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