Scottish Poetry Selection
- Whus'lin' Geordie

Here's a poem by "Sanny McNee" (nom de plume of Murray McCabe) about a lass who has fallen in love with a lad who is happy and carefree - and thinks more of his horse than the poor girl who would like to catch his eye. Of course, in those days, girls could never make the first move!

Whus'lin' Geordie

The lavrock whus'les lood an' cheerie,
Soarin' in the lift sae high,
He whus'les a' to please his dearie
But Geordie, he gaes whus'lin by.

Geordie's whus'lin, late an' early;
There's no' a cloud in Geordie's sky;
But O, ma hert gaes duntin' sairly,
Whin Geordie, he gaes whus'lin by.

Geordie's horse is a' his care,
Their manes he does wi'ribbon tie.
Broun an' bonnie is ma hair -
But Geordie, he gaes whus'lin by.

Snod an' trig I braid my hair,
Afore I gae to ca' the kye;
I busk maset' wi' muckle care -
But Geordie, he gaes whusl'lin by.

Blue an' bonnie is my e'e,
Bonnie blue like summer sky,
But Geordie has nae e'e for me,
Geordie, he gaes whus'lin by.

There's mony a lad, baith guid and kindly,
Fain wi' me wid coortin' try,
Why is't that I should luve sae blindly,
Geordie, wha gaes whus'lin by?

Meaning of unusual words:
duntin'=beats more quickly
Snod an' trig=neat and smart
busk maset'=dress myself

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