Scottish Poetry Selection
- Somebody

Here is an anonymous poem about "somebody" - in this case, the banished Stewart king.


Och hon for somebody!
Och hey for somebody!
I wad do - what wad I not,
For the sake o' somebody?

My heart is sair, I daurna tell,
My heart is sair for somebody;
I wad walk a winter's night,
For a sight o' somebody.

If somebody were come again,
Then somebody maun cross the main.
And ilka ane will get his ain,
And I will see my somebody.

What need I kame my tresses bright,
Or why should coal or candle-light
E'er shine in my bower day or night,
Since gane is my dear somebody?

Oh! I hae grutten mony a day
For ane that's banished far away;
I canna sing, and maunna say
How sair I grieve for somebody.

Meaning of unusual words:
maunna=must not

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