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Scottish Poetry Selection
- Davie's First Breeks

The author of this poem was Charles Nicol (born in 1858), who wrote many poems about everyday occurrences in family life - often with an amused twinkle in his eye. This poem, about Davie's first breeks (trousers - in this case, probably long trousers) falls into that category.

Davie's First Breeks

Oor Davie's got a pair o' breeks,
   An' losh he's unco prood;
He struts about jist like a man,
   Forbye his awfu' good.
He pits his hauns intae his pouches
   While oot upon the street,
And smiles tae the very minister
   If e'er they chance tae meet.

It was jist the ither week there cam'
   A letter frae his grannie,
Saying she'd like tae see him, as
   Noo he wis a mannie.
Davie, of coorse, wis quickly taen,
   And when he wis brocht back
It wis a sorra sicht tae see
   His breeks a perfect wrack.

But since that day he's turned oot
   A rale wee clever man;
He minds his breeks an' minds the schule,
   Forbye learns a' he can.
He is his mither's only pride,
   His faither's only pet;
But the story o' his first breeks
   He canna yet forget.

Meaning of unusual words:
losh = an exclamation of surprise
unco prood = very proud
Forbye = also
pouches = pockets

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