Scottish Poetry Selection
- Sorry to Part

It is always hard to leave when you are enjoying yourself - especially when the company is sociable and drink has been flowing... This is another poem by Charles Spence (1779-1869) from his collection entitled "The Braes of the Carse" - the Carse of Gowrie, in Perthshire.

      Sorry to Part

It is the peaceful hour of rest,
   When dreams on weary mortals fa';
Each thing is in its season bless'd,
   And prudence bids us gang awa'.
"Good night" upon the table stands,
   Come, fill it up at friendship's ca',
True friendship now no more demands;
   "Good night, and joy be wi' you a'."

Taste we a joy without alloy,
   'Tis when we from the crowd withdraw
Unseen to rove with one we love
   By dusky glen or lonely shaw;
Or when we in the social ring
   The nectar from the crystal draw
Till eerie tolling midnight bring
   "Good night, an' joy be wi' ye a'."

Should fate my fondest wish deny,
   I ne'er again shall see ye a';
But never shall the sacred tie
   That binds these bosoms burst in twa.
True hearts are few, and seldom meet
   On this revolving earthly ba';
I grieve the parting glass to greet,
   "Good night, an' joy be wi' ye a'."

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