Scottish Poetry Selection
- Curlers’ Grace

Curling has been a sport in Scotland for hundreds of years - using the plentiful local granite to make the curling stone. These days, winters are not reliably cold enough for curling to take place in the open air, but it has a good following as an indoor past-time. Curling's popularity increased considerably in 2002 when Rhona Martin and her team captured the gold medal at the Winter Olympics.

This Curlers' Grace, with its gentle humour, was obtained via the Web site of the Royal Caledonian Curling Club .

Curlers’ Grace

O Lord wha’s love surrounds us a’
   And brings us a’ thegither;
Wha’ writes your laws upon oor hearts,
   And bids us help each ither.

We bless Thee for Thy bounties great,
   For meat and hame and gear
We thank Thee, Lord, for snaw and ice -
   But still we ask for mair.

Gi’e us a hert to dae whit’s richt,
   Like curlers true and keen;
To be guid friends along life’s road,
   And soop oor slide aye clean.

O Power abune whose bounty free,
   Oor needs and wants suffices;
We render thanks for Barley Bree,
   And meat that appetises.

Be Thou our Skip throughout life's game,
   An' syne we're sure to win;
Tho' slow the shot and wide the aim,
   We'll soop each ither in.

Meaning of unusual words:
Barley Bree=whisky

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