Scottish Humour
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Her Majesty the Queen
Her Majesty The Queen - bringing in the morning milk and papers at the Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow

It is said that the Scots have a good sense of humour/humor because it's free. Much of it is influenced by the stereotypes portrayed by the comedian and music hall entertainer Will Fyfe - and the Net has contributed to its spread. Whatever the reason, we all enjoy a good laugh so here is a large collection, divided into a number of different categories. Enjoy!

Thrifty Scots Taking care of the bawbees.
More Moths in the Sporran Reinforcing that reputation
Bagpipes The Irish gave the Scots the pipes - and we haven't got the joke yet!
English, Irish,...Americans "Ethnic" jokes may not be politically correct, but...
Old Age Doesn't Come Alone Growing old disgracefully
"Real life" stories Life is just like that, almost.
Married Bliss Or open warfare..
Children Nowadays! Kids with a "guid Scots tongue in their heads."
Too Much to Drink Too many drams.
Not so bright Two pennies short of a shilling?
Cerebrally Challenged Some folk are as thick as two planks.
Sporting moments Football (soccer) and golf.
How to tell a driver from.. Adapted to Scotland from a well known Net collection.
An L of a difference Mistaken Annnouncements
Glaswegians They may be wee Glesca "bauchles" but they're tough..
Wit of the Scots Selected from a book by Gordon Irving.
Thoughtful? Makes you think?
Longer stories These stories may not be quick fire fun but they still amuse.
Lachlan's Laws Philosopher Lachlan McLachlan's observations on life, the universe and everything.
Graveyard Humour Laughing at death - and beyond.
Chick Murray One liners from the droll Chic Murray.
Miscellany Just because they don't fit in the other categories was not a good enough reason to leave these ones out.

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