Scottish Poetry Selection
- Wee Jessie's First Step

A baby's first steps are an exciting milestone for any parent, marking an important stage in their development. Here is a poem by Charles Nicol (1858-?) which catches that delightful moment perfectly.

Wee Jessie's First Step

Come awa' my bairnie
   Noo ye manny fash,
Daddy's waitin' on ye,
   There's a clever lass.

Tak care na', dinna fa',
   Better rest a wee,
There ye are, noo come awa'
   Try for dada's knee.

Weel I'm sure I never
   Saw the like o' this,
Oh! yer awfu' clever,
   That deserves a kiss.

Kiss ye da' an' ma' again,
   Noo yer in high glee,
Oh! but yer an awfu' wean,
   The like I ne'er did see.

But noo ye maun tak' a rest
   In yer mammy's bosie,
Ye are the sweetest an' the best,
   Sae cuddle doon fu cosy.

For ma' an' da' are prood
   O' their ain wee Jessie,
Sae lie there noo an' be good,
   My sweetest wee Essy.

Meaning of unusual words:
Noo ye manny fash=now you must not worry

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