Scottish Poetry Selection
- His Sixth Birhday

Here is a sweet poem about a young lad who, at the age of six, is growing up. He is glad to be no longer treated as a baby - but his parents aren't quite so sure!

His Sixth Birhday

He has given up his cradle and his little worsted ball,
   He has hidden all his dolls behind the door :
He must have a rocking-horse,
And a hardwood top of course,
   For, he isn't mamma's baby any more.

He has cut off all his curls, they are only fit for girls.
   And has left them on a heap upon the floor;
For he's six years old to-day,
And he's glad to hear them say
   That he isn't mamma's baby any more.

He has pockets in his trousers, like his elder brother Jim;
   Though he thinks he should have had them long before;
Has new shoes laced to the top,
'Tis a puzzle where they stop;
   And he isn't mamma's baby any more.

He has heard his parents sigh, and has greatly wondered why
   They are sorry, when he has such bliss in store;
For he's now their darling boy,
And will be their pride and joy,
   Though he cannot be their baby any more.

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