Scottish Poetry Selection
- The Lucky Call

Here is an amusing poem which takes us back to the days when the minister would call at the door not to offer support to his flock but to make sure that his parishioners were regularly reading their Bibles. By accident, Rebecca appears to admit that she has been slipping up on this!

      The Lucky Call

A country curate visiting his flock,
   At old Rebecca's cottage gave a knock.
Good morrow, dame, I mean not any libel,
   But in your dwelling have you got a Bible?"
"A Bible, sir?" exclaim'd she in a rage,
   "D'ye think I've turn'd a Pagan in my age?

Here, Judith, and run up-stairs, my dear,
   Tis in the drawer, be quick, and bring it here."
The girl return'd with Bible in a minute,
   Not dreaming for a moment what was in it;
When lo! on opening it at parlour door,
   Down fell her spectacles upon the floor.

Amaz'd she stared, was for a moment dumb,
   But quick exclaim'd, "Dear sir, I'm glad you're come,
'Tis six years since these glasses first were lost,
   And I have missed 'em to my poor eyes' cost!"
Then as the glasses to her nose she raised,
   She closed the Bible-saying "God be praised!"

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