Scottish Poetry Selection
- Div Y' Min'? (Do You Remember?)

Div Y' Min' (Do you remember) is about Aberdonians and uses the language of the north-east. Loons and quines (boys and girls) or those with a passing knowledge of the Doric language will have no difficlty with this. For the rest of us, there's a glossary at the end! I'm afraid, however, that does not give an explanation of the what the various shops sold - but we can guess. The poem was written by an Aberdonian, Charlotte (Lottie) Sinclair, who had a deep knowledge of the Doric and Buchan dialects and loved writing poems. She would often compose verses for her friends and family and had some poems published in the local press.

Div Y' Min'? (Do You Remember?)

Div y' min' on Cocky Hunter's
'n' his junk on Castle Hill?
Div y' min' on Soapy Ogston's,
Reid & Pearsons, Watt & Milne?

Div y' min' on cha'k an' inkwells,
Slate pincils at th' school?
Div y' min' on Copie Divis,
'n' checks ties up wi' wool?

Div y' min' on Bookie's Runners,
Crown & Anchor at the Links?
Black-leeded grates an' ovens,
Brass taps in cast iron sinks?

Div y' min' on wash-hoose bilers,
An' mungles sair tae ca'?
An' squares o' P&J hung wi' string
On a reed-ochered lavvy wa'?

The watch an' chain that Gran-dad wore
'n' Grannie's crooshied shawl?
Div y' min' on a' these things?
By God……….yer getting' aul'!

Div y' min' on Lucky Tatties,
Fin y' whiles got back y'r maik?
Div y' min' on Fairy Cycles,
Solid tires 'n' just one brake?

Div y' min' on Wordie's horses,
'n' message loons on bikes?
'n Bantam Sodgers on parade -
W'd never seen the likes!

Div y' min' on boots wi' tackets,
Itchin' combs an' han' me doons?
Fin naebody at a' had trouble -
Tellin th' quines fae th' loons?

Div y' min' on gas-lit lamp-posts,
'n' the leery wi' his licht?
Like moths aroon a cun'le -
Kids a' githered there at nicht!

Div y' min fin chunties 'neath the bed
Saved journeys in the caul'?
If ye admit t' minin' 'at,
Like me……….yer getting' aul'!

Div y' min' fin Woolies were busy shops,
On' a Seterday aifterneen?
'n' ye couldna walk on the pavement,
Fae Loch Street tae th' Queen?

Div y' min' on th' games we played,
Wi' twa three yards o' rope?
'n' tellin' y'r ma ye'd seen Jesus -
On a screen - at Band o' Hope?

Div y' min' on collar'd jerseys,
Worn wi' a strippet tie?
'n' jam jars fu' o' tadpoles,
That ye'd gaither'd fae Cairncry?

Div y' min' fan a pal wis a loon wi' an aipple
That aye gave you the core?
Div y' min' on the smell o' coffee,
Passin' Andrew Collie's door?

Div y' min' on the things we used tae eat,
Like skirlie, skink an' spaul?
Will the youngster gaun aboot the day,
Min on junk food when THEY'RE aul?

Meaning of unusual words:
Div Y' Min'=Do you remember
Black-leeded=black leaded
mungles sair tae ca'=mangles hard to turn
P&J=Aberdeen Press and Journal newspaper
maik=half penny
message loons=message boys
tackets=boot studs
leery=lamp lighter
chunties=chamber pots
strippet tie=striped necktie
skirlie=oatmeal and onions fried together
skink=fish soup
spaul=shoulder of meat

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