Butterflies of Scotland
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Peacock and Small Tortoiseshell Butterflies

Butterflies, flitting from flower to flower, with their varied colours are a wonderful addition to our gardens and the countryside. Many butterflies only appear when the weather is kind and sunny - which can be a rare occurrence, even in summer.

There are only 32 different species of butterflies found regularly in Scotland. Some can be found all across the country while others are confined to specific locations. The pages below cover all the butterflies which can be seen in Scotland. Some are resident and over-winter and breed here, others are migrants, flying in each summer from southern Europe or even North Africa. Many of the butterfly species are in decline, not just in Scotland, but in the UK generally.

Each page in this collection has at least one illustration (often more) and information about the particular species. I personally took many of the photographs but graphics for some of the rarer butterflies have been obtained via the resources at Wikimedia and this is indicated where applicable. If you want more information on UK/Scottish butterflies and want to help conserve these beautiful insects, the Butterfly Conservation Web site is the place to go.

You can use the thumbnails below to access each page, but there is also a link on each page to the next one, so you can go through all the pages in sequence like a slide show.


Clouded Yellow


Common Blue

Dark Green Fritillary

Dingy Skipper


Green Hairstreak

Green-veined White

Large Heath

Large Skipper

Large White

Meadow Brown

Mountain Ringlet

Northern Brown Argus


Painted Lady


Pearl-bordered Fritillary

Purple Hairstreak

Red Admiral


Scotch Argus

Small Blue

Small Copper

Small Heath

Small Pearl-bordered

Small Tortoiseshell

Small White

Speckled Wood

Wall Brown

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