Scottish Quotations

Kellie Castle

Latin inscription on Kellie Castle, Fife
Translated, it means "This mansion snatched from rooks and owls is dedicated to honest ease amongst labours 1878"

Scots have always admired those with a "guid Scots tongue in their head." Here are a number of quotations made by or about Scots by people who have made their reputation from their skill with words. The sources range from Muhammed Ali to Sir Walter Scott and John Knox to Rab C Nesbitt. The quotations are arranged in the alphabetical order of the authors. You may wish to browse through all the quotations but there is an index below if you want to find a specific author.

Page 1 - Muhammad Ali, John Logie Baird, William Barbour, Sir James M Barrie, John Hay Beith , Johnnie Beattie, James Bridie , Arnold Brown , George Mackay Brown, Robert Brown, Robert Burns

Page 2 - Thomas Carlyle, Andrew Carnegie, Prince Charles, Billy Connolly, David Daiches, Tam Dalyell.

Page 3 - Donald Dewar,, O Douglas, Ronald MacDonald Douglas, Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, Lady Sam Fairbairn, Benjamin Franklin, Mel Gibson, Robert Bontine Cunninghame Graham, Field Marshall Earl Haig, Keir Hardie, William Hazlitt, Frances Hutcheson, James Hutton, Hamish Imlach.

Page 4 - John Knox, Sir Harry Lauder, Hugh McDiarmid, George MacDonald, William McGonagall, Charles Macintosh, Sir Compton MacKenzie, Michael McMahon MSP, David Mallet, Mary Queen of Scots, Marquis of Montrose, Wullie Morrison.

Page 5 - H V Morton, John Muir, H H Munro (Saki), Chic Murray, Sir James Murray, Rab C Nesbitt.

Page 6 - Sir Walter Scott, Samuel Smiles, Alexander Smith, Tobias Smollet.

Page 7 - Brian Souter, Sir David Steel, Jock Stein, Robert Louis Stevenson, Robert Stirling, Annie S Swan, Harry Taylor, Queen Victoria, Wendy Wood.

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