Scottish Poetry Selection
- Mountain Twilight

Mountain Twilight is by the Perthshire poet William Renton and appeared in his book of poetry "Oils and Water Colours" published in 1893. He certainly paints a vivid picture in words of all the colours of a mountain twilight - which is as good as any painting.

      Mountain Twilight

The hills slipped over each on each
   Till all their changing shadows died.
Now in the open skyward reach
   The lights grow solemn side by side.
While of these hills the westermost
Rears high his majesty of coast
   In shifting waste of dim-blue brine
   And fading olive hyaline;
Till all the distance overflows,
   The green in watchet and the blue
In purple. Now they fuse and close -
   A darkling violet, fringed anew
With light that on the mountains soar,
A dusky flame on tranquil shores;
   Kindling the summits as they grow
In audience to the skies that call,
Ineffable in rest and all
   The pathos of the afterglow.

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