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Celtic Culture

The links below cover a wide range of Scottish Celtic culture, mythology and history. There are separate pages for the Gaelic Language and there is more on the background to the Picts and early civilisations in Scotland in the History section.

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Celtic Culture

Beltane Fire Society organise the Beltane Fire Festival every year during the night of 30th April on Calton Hill in Edinburgh. The event attracts up to 15,000 spectators with over 300 voluntary collaborators and performers. In the last four years, the Society has also staged an event at Samhuinn, the seasonal opposite to Beltane, in Parliament Square (on Edinburgh's Royal Mile) on the night of Oct 31st. More recent years have seen productions of the festivals of Imbolc (beginning of February) and Lughnasadh (end of August).

Celtic Art by the Celtic Lady is a collection of clip-art and fonts, mainly for sale but there are some free samples! Also Celtic Jewelry, & mythical treasures, jewelry, books.

Celtic Culture Usenet FAQ's has comprehensive files on all aspects of Celtic culture and history.

Celtica is a wide ranging site covering Celts generally and Scottish Celtic culture, language and spirituality. Lots of links also to Celtic related pages.

Celtic Art and Culture from the University of North Carolina was created for use in their Art History course. The subject matter is general celtic, not just Scots, and includes maps and timelines.

CelticWiki has a full explanation of the history and symbolism of Celtic knotwork.

Celtic Knot Font makes a True Type font that lets people create their own Celtic knotwork designs just by typing on any computer keyboard. This design tool enables you to create traditional knotwork for decorating projects and crafts - and it's royalty free. The designs can be printed out at exactly the size desired, simply by setting the font size.

Celtic Web Art has ackgrounds, buttons, borders, lines, bullets, clip art, animated gifs etc for personal use only (and if you provide a link).

The Encyclopaedia of the Celts contains quotations from all the historic and legendary events and people plus the views of modern authors on the life of the Celts. There is a zip compressed file of the entire encyclopeadia in text or Word format available to download.

Celtic Images has hundreds of high quality royalty free pictures to browse through on all aspects of Celtic culture, various landmarks and traditions. High resolution copies are also available for purchase.

Gaelic Centre for Celtic Art in Edinburgh has basic information on the Centre and a list of associated fund-raising events.

Gaelic Culture is an extensive set of information and links.

Irish Baby Names has the meaning of 200 baby names for boys and girls with how to pronounce them (via sound files) and their English language equivalents.

The Legend of King Arthur site claims to have solved the mystery of who King Arthur was - using ancient texts to show that he was from Scotland, from south of the River Forth.

Picti site has Celtic art and illuminations by James Summers, a freelance artist specialising in authentic Celtic, and Celtic influenced illumination, calligraphy and design utilising the techniques and structures of ancient Celtic Art. There are illustrations of some of the artwork on the site.

Pictish Links is just that with a huge list of Pictish and Celtic sites.

Scottish Faeries has a brief description of some of the Scottish faeries and how a witch can contact them and how to use them in rituals. Included are Ashrays, Black Angus, Boobrie, Brownies, Buachailleen, Dryads, The Fachan, Fin Folk, Gnomes, The Gruagach, Ghillie Dhu, Heather Pixies, Kelpies, Ly Erg, Merpeople, Nucklelavees, Pixies, Red Cap, Seelie Court, Selkies, Shellycoat, Shopiltees, Trows, Uilbheist, Unseelie Court and Urisks.

Orkney Folklore

Part of a larger site by Sigurd Towrie on Orkney, a beautifully illustrated site providing a comprehensive picture of these islands. Orkney Traditions such as divining a future husband, harvest lore and bonfire customs are described, together with a number of aspects of Orkney Folklore such as:

Dark Isle

This site contains sections on Grave Slabs and Pictish Stones and Stone Circles and Cairns as well as a large collection of Scottish Castles, Manors and Abbeys with a vast library of pictures. The castles are listed in the Scottish Castles page of this directory and the Pictish Stones, stone circles and cairns covered are:

Celtic Heart

A collection of pages on various aspects of Celtic culture including an Encyclopedia of the Celts with fragments of some of the greater and lesser known works of Celtic literature. There is a also an "Modern Celts" section with an online discussion forum and a a gallery of contemporary Celtic artists. A larger section on Gods & Myths and other pages describe :

Every Ogham Thing on the Web

Ogham, the ancient celtic writing, is covered in considerable detail by this site which contains a huge list of both general and academic links to Web pages about the script plus a TrueType font version of the alphabet.

Celtic Christianity

Mailing list, webring, links and Celtic Saints and Iona.

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