Scottish Poetry Selection
- Patriotism

This poem on "Patriotism" by William Soutar (1898-1943) is not the more usual, resounding clarion call, but speaks of his love for his native land (near Perth where he was born) - and finishes with a twinkle in his eye.

The words of this poem are reproduced by kind permission of the copyright holder, the National Library of Scotland.


Whan I haik't up to Craigie Hill
And lookit east and west;
"In a' the world," said I to mysel',
"My ain shire is the best."

Whan I haik't up to Craigie Hill
And frae the hicht look't doun;
"There is nae place," said I to mysel',
"Mair braw nor our borough-toun."

And a' be mysel' on Craigie Hill
I spak in the Lord's ear;
"O! whan the haly bugles trill
Lat me wauken up richt here.!

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