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- Any Singers, Any Songs?

Here's a wee poem from Christina Forbes who now lives in Canada. If you have ever experienced "Any singers, any songs?" in a Scottish pub where customers (usually a bit drunk) are asked to volunteer to sing, you will immediately recognise this situation!

Any Singers, Any Songs?

Gei's a song, ach no the noo.
Whit's wrang hen? that's no' like you.
Ah'm jist no ready, ah canny think,
Mibbe ah need some mair tae drink.
"Gei hur annurrer" wis the command.
Then she'll sing tae beat the band.

Efter a few, poured withoot measure,
She said "Cum oan noo, name yer pleasure"
Whit's it tae be? Ah'll sing whit ye want.
She wis confident, she could chant.
"Is it Rabbie, Shirley, or Lena Martell?"
This lassie wis said tae hiv a voice like a bell.

By this time people wur gettin' fed up wi' the patter.
Fur guidness sake sing, it disny matter.
If she disny sing, ah'll no borra,
Ye see, ah'm up fur work the morra.

The lassie finally stood up,
Drinkin' Lanny fae a china cup.
Her song wis long, bit no' forgotten.
She could sing nane, she wis BLOODY ROTTEN!!!

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