Scottish Poetry Selection
- Dear Wee Rogie Pogie

It may be trying at times, but every parent takes delight in having a "rogie pogie" (rascal) offspring! Poet Charles Nicol is no exception.

Dear Wee Rogie Pogie

Dear wee rogie pogie
   Rinnin' thro' the flair,
Sweet wee rogie pogie,
   The best o' bairns I'm shair;

Canna rest a meenit,
   It's past a' belief,
Oh, dear me, whit's this noo?
   Always in mischief.

Dear wee rogie pogie,
   Keeps me in a biz,
Sweet wee rogie pogie,
   Whaur think ye she wis?
Up upon the rack there,
   Bringin' doon a plate;
Then she cries, "Oh, mamma,
   Will o'o let me dae't?"

Dear wee rogie pogie,
   There she goes again,
Oh, the rogie pogie
   Keeps me aye in pain.
Noo she hears her daddy
   Comin' up the stair,
Noo she rins tae meet him,
   It bates a', I declare!

Dear wee rogie pogie,
   My ain bonnie doo,
Sweet wee rogie pogie,
   There she's sleepin' noo;
Fair tired oot wi' playin'
   A' the lee-lang day,
"Queenie" is a treasure,
   Prood am I to say.

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