Scottish Poetry Selection
- The Exile

Here is a poem which will strike a chord with many Scottish exiles and their descendants. My thanks to "Nancy" for allowing me to include this in this site.

The Exile

She surely raised her bairns well,
Taught us strength and pride,
Gave us love o' homeland,
But couldna' make us bide.
We set off young, we set off auld,
In search of pastures new
Yet, one by one, along life's way
Find little that would do.

We have our homes, we make a life
On every foreign shore;
Choose a husband, find a wife,
And still we yearn for more.
To soothe a restless, aching heart
We chase another scheme,
Follow one more rainbow
Yet we never still the dream

Aye, she let us go so easily
With never a backward look. could we know as we sailed or flew
Our heart was a baited hook,
With a line as long as we want it to be
To wherever we may roam,
Till...out of the blue, with one sharp tug
"Mother Scotland" reels us home.

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