Scottish Poetry Selection
- Schule in June

June is often one of the best months in the year, with long hours of daylight and maybe a chance of some sunshine. But the school term runs on to nearly the end of the month, forcing youngsters to continue with their lessons when they would far rather be running free - as this poem by Robert Bain illustrates only too well!

Schule in June

There's no a clood in the sky,
The hill's clear as can be,
An' the broon road's windin' ower it,
But - no for me!

It's June, wi' a splurge o' colour
In glen an' on hill,
An' it's me wad be lyin' up yonner,
But then - there's the schule.

There's a wude wi' a burn rinnin' through it,
Caller an' cool,
Whaur the sun splashes licht on the bracken
An' dapples the pool.

There's a sang in the soon' o' the watter,
Sang sighs in the air,
An' the worl' disnae maitter a docken
To yin that's up there.

A hop an' a step frae the windie,
Just fower mile awa,
An' I could be lyin' there thinkin'
O' naething ava'.

Ay! - the schule is a winnerfu' place,
Gin ye tak it a' roon,
An' I've no objection to lessons,
Whiles - but in June?

Meaning of unusual words:
glen=narrow valley
Caller=fresh, refreshing
disnae maitter a docken=valueless
naething ava'=nothing at all

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