Scottish Poetry Selection
- Dear Auld Scotland

Here is a poem by Charles Nicol with which we can all readily identify!

   Dear Auld Scotland

Scotland my native land so fair
   Thy hills an' mountains I adore,
Thy scenery is grand an' rare,
   An' brings to min' the days of yore.

To gaze upon the sparkling fountains
   An' see the waters flowing there
Then upon the lofty mountains,
   Few kingdoms can with thee compare.

Where is the country you can name,
   Can boast of such warriors brave,
Who fought to gain their country fame
   From the cradle to the grave.

Such men as Wallace brave an' true,
   An' Bruce the hero of Bannockburn,
Aye, an' the brave Black Douglas too,
   For these auld Scotland oft did mourn.

Oh, Scotland fair. Land of the free,
   Where we've got the Thistle so dear,
Likewise the Lily, the Hawthorn Tree,
   An' the sparkling water so clear.

An' tho' I yet may be from home,
   However far that it may be,
Thro' all the places that I roam,
   Scotland will still be dear to me.

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