Scottish Poetry Selection
- Ben Lomond

Ben Lomond

The apparent unchanging nature of mountains has prompted Thomas Campbell to contrast their longevity with the passing nature of humanity and its buildings.

      Ben Lomond

Hadst thou a genius on thy peak,
    What tales, white-headed Ben,
Could'st thou of ancient ages speak,
    That mock th' historian's pen!

Thy long duration makes our lives
    Seem but so many hours;
And likens, to the bees' frail hives,
    Our most stupendous towers.

Temples and towers thou seest begun,
    New creeds, new conquerers sway;
And, like their shadows in the sun,
    Hast seen them swept away.

Thy steadfast summit, heaven-allied
    (Unlike life's little span),
Looks down a mentor on the pride
    Of perishable man.

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