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Online Texts

There are a number of sites holding online versions of a growing number of works of literature, mainly those which are now out of copyright. The works by Scottish authors are listed below. There is also a more general Rampant Scotland Directory Literature section.

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Project Gutenburg

The project to have the world's literature available on the Internet is advancing and quite a number of texts have been added. There are various sites around the world containing texts but it sometimes hard to gain access.

Wiretap Electronic Texts - Gopher Menu

Complete texts of a large number of books, plus links to other sources of electronic texts.


Large collection of electronic texts including Robert Louis Stephenson, JM Barrie, Sir Walter Scott and Tobias Smollett.

Scots Teaching and Resource Network (STARN)

Collects and makes available through the World Wide Web a selection of Scottish literary and non-literary materials: prose, poetry, drama, criticism and commentary. These materials are usually difficult to access by other means and are primarily intended for use by educationalists and researchers into aspects of Scottish culture, particularly Scottish literature, and varieties of Scots language. But some of the content is of wider interest.

Quotable Quotations

Columbia University has created the Bartleby Library with a vast collection of Familiar Quotations from a wide range of sources. Of particular interest are the pages of quotations from Robert Burns and Sir Walter Scott and Thomas Carlyle. There is a search engine to help you track down either an author or a key word.

National Library of Scotland

The National Library of Scotland Bibliography of Scottish Literature in Translation (BOSLIT) is a project to develop an online bibliography of translations of Scottish writing, including not only books but also items published in journals and anthologies. It aims to provide a resource for the reading public, translators and researchers. Access to the bibliography is by Telnet.

Electronic Text Library

The University of Virginia is creating this library and has many books are there already (but some are only available to members). From a Scottish perspective, Robert Louis Stevenson's Jekyll and Hyde, most of the Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes Mysteries and Walter Scott's Ivanhoe are included.

Books On-Line

A huge list of links to over 2 million books of every description which can be found on-line. The Scottish authors have been abstracted and form the basis of the list of individual works listed below.

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