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It is said that the Scots have a highly developed sense of humour - because it's free! Much of the ethnic Scottish humour on the Web concentrates on bagpipes and the Scot who is careful with his money, but some of the pages below manage to go beyond these stereotypes.

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Scottish Humour

It is said that all Scots have a sense of humour - because it is a free gift! But we do like to laugh at ourselves and here is a large collection of jokes with a Scottish flavour.

Big Page of Bagpipe Humour

The title says it all!

Best of Scottish Humour

This starts off by looking like an erudite discussion of Scottish humour but happily is full of some splendid examples.

Scottish Jokes and Scottish Humour have further selections.

Bud Neill: cartoonist extraordinaire and creator of Lobey Dosser

A tribute on the BBC Web site to the cartoonist Bud Neill, the carooonist who created the "Lobey Dosser" cartoon strip.

Chic Murray

A good sample of Chic's unique humour, which speaks volumes about the man himself.

Gladys Chucklebutty

This is the Web site of a comedienne who was born and raised in "Diddy Dunbar" the home of chilblains and sun burn. Gladys tours hospitals, hospices, rest homes and town halls with "family fun shows".

Daily Reckless

An irreverent set of humour from the "Voice of Stupidity" with stories and comment. They claim to have won an award for "outstanding contribution in the field of misinformation and consistently misrepresenting the news in a patronising populist fashion".

Smelly Welly Tele

Created by a Glaswegian who lives in Dundee, this is a collection of fun items aimed at children (and the young at heart) including nonsense poems with titles such as The Sprickly-Sprock's Tea-Time, The Squink That Was Pink and Squetiquette. There are also stories about a girl called Jeannie McSpoon who eats custard, big style and a jokebox.

Purple Comedy

Produced in Inverness in the heart of the Scottish Highlands, with sketches, chat, live stand up and interviews, the site claims to be the biggest podcast Comedy site in Scotland and one of the biggest in the UK. The site also hosts an audio guide to Where to See Live Comedy in Scotland which brings together comedians from across Scotland to produce a show that contains sketches, stand up and more besides. If you want a feel for what’s going on in the Scottish Comedy scene, this could be the site for you.

Funny Classroom Stories

A collection of humorous stories from the world of what is supposed to be education but is often closer to anarchy, submitted by teachers to help them retain (recover?) their sanity...

Kyle of Lochalsh

A somewhat unusual and lighthearted set of illustrations of the Kyle of Lochalsh and surrounding area - as the Central garage recovery vehicle goes out to breakdowns and incidents involving cars, lorries or even buses which have come a cropper on the narrow country roads! Even the Mallaig lifeboat manages to get stuck!

Parliamo Glesca

Scots words and phrases - with translations - written in a lighthearted style, following the tradition of the Stanley Baxter professorial analysis of the Glasgow patois.....

First Foot

A web site which says it is dedicated to exposing the myth, the magic, the beliefs and the baloney, the history, mystery and blistery feet that make up every walk of Scottish life. From Hogmanay to Holyrood. From the Tartan Army to the downright barmy. From whisky to risky. Nothing, and nobody, is safe from the size 13's of First Foot putting the boot in or stepping in where others fear to tread.

Irn Bru

Scotland's "other national drink" making a change from all those whisky pages. The official Barrs Irn Bru site includes lots of technology from animated GIF's to Flash and plug-ins (if you have the plug-ins). There are screen-savers to download as well as "groovy wallpaper" (their description).

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