Scottish Poetry Selection
- I Aften Wish

There is an old saying "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride". But as this poem written under the pseudonym of "Turlundie" says, we all wish we could go back over parts of our lives - and what's the harm in wishing and dreaming?

I Aften Wish

I aften wish that eence again
The weary road I've traivell't
Wis mine tae tread, I'd hae things fit
Withoot mischance or guessin';
My ships wad safely mak'the port,
My webs be never raivell't,
An' a'd be for the best - I wish,
An faur's the hairm in wishin'?

I aften think if I could hae
The guidin'o'the warl,
I'd spin an' wyve the threids sae fine,
There'd be nae chance o' minkin'.
I'd strauchten kinks, unraivel knots,
An' redd up a' the snarl.
An' a'd be for the best - I think,
An' faur's the hairm. in thinkin'?

I aften hope that I will live
Tae see the gweedly graces
- Faith, Hope and Charity - enthroned
'Mang men wha'noo are gropin'
Aye efter things nae worth the while;
See strivin' creeds an' races
A' live in amity - I hope,
An' faur's the hairm in hopin'?

I aften dream a bonnie dream;
There breathes the healin' spirit,
- Fraternity, a' ower the warl'
Agog in happy freemen;
The birn's adjustit fairly till
The back maist fit tae bear it,
An' justice rules mankind - I dream,
An' faur's the hairm in dreaminT

Meaning of unusual words:
faur's=what is
redd up=tidy up

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