Flowers of Scotland in Summer
- Wild Flowers

Some people might call them weeds but the wild flowers in the Scottish fields and hedgerows (and even gardens where they are not always welcome) can produce some stunning pictures.

Field Bindweed

This lilac Field Bindweed was growing in a suburban garden using a rhodendron as protection. But every few days these delicate flowers pop out from the under the leaves of its host!


The white Hedge Bindweed is far more common than its lilac cousin, above. It creeps up other plants and fences, producing these attractive trumpet-shaped flowers as it goes. You may be able to see a small insect near the top of the petals.

Wild Rose

Unlike the cultivated "hybrid tea" rose, the wild rose does not have the many layers of petals. But it is still a most attractive plant.

Rosebay Willowherb

Rosebay Willowherb grows in any poor soil, creating large banks of pink coloured flowers, followed by the seeds carried on down, similar to thistles.


This bee is clearly enjoying this small creeping thistle plant growing beside a pathway in suburban Glasgow. The flowers on this plant are smaller than the Spear Thistle which is commonly associated with Scotland.

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