Flowers of Scotland in Summer
- Roses

They say that the best roses in Britain are cultivated in Aberdeen - made strong by the colder winter climate. There is a dual carriageway around the City of Aberdeen where the central reservation used to be crammed with roses. You didn't mind getting stuck in a traffic jam with those to look at!

Rose 1

This rose was growing in the garden of the house once occupied by the pioneer industrialist and social reformer, David Dale, in New Lanark.

Rose 2

This red velvet rose is a quality bloom on show in July at the Royal Highland Show at Ingleston, near Edinburgh.

Rose 3

This rose was growing in the cottage garden at Drummond Castle in Perthshire at the end of August. The photo was taken just after a shower of rain.

Rose 4

Floribunda roses, with their many flower heads, make quite a show.

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