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Arthur J A Bell

"Would You Like a Dram?"

This is the index page for information and illustrations on a large number of informative and thoughtful articles by the well known Whisky Connoisseur and author Arthur J. A. Bell CBE, BSc, Hon FIDM, FRSA, FFICS. He graduated in Politics and Economics Degree at Edinburgh University and also conducted one of the world's longest pub crawls. After drinking in 597 pubs, he wrote "A Complete Edinburgh Pub Guide" which sold 20,000 copies. He has continued to communicate his enthusiasm for "the water of life" ever since.

In 1973 he established the direct marketing business Scotland Direct Ltd, in the then almost ruined village of New Lanark. Today New Lanark is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of only a handful in Scotland. He was also a Director of Bell Lawrie Developments Ltd, but is now retired from most of his business activities.

In addition to his business interests he became known as "The Whisky Connoisseur" and wrote many articles and books on the subject. In 1986, Arthur Bell was the subject of a historic court case when the giant Guinness plc. took him to court for selling whisky under his own name, after they had purchased the "Arthur Bell's of Perth" distillery . The Court of Session upheld Arthur Bell's "inalienable right" to trade under his own name.

These pages, mainly of essays on aspects of Scotch whisky, were previously included on the former "Scottish Radiance" Web site. But Sharma Krauskopf, who began that site in 1997, has kindly given permission for the content to be included in Rampant Scotland.

NOTE 1 - this index is a "work-in-progress" and further pages will be added soon - so make sure you bookmark this page and check back for more articles from the "Whisky Connoisseur".

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