Scottish Snippets

22 August 2015

Number 689

The Scottish Snippets Newsletter in its original format began in April 1997 and continued in an unbroken series for 591 issues. Although no longer produced in that style, there is now this regular update on the new and updated pages on the Rampant Scotland site including "Scottie's Photo Diary From Scotland".

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Oor Wullie's Unique Fundraiser

The Sunday Post newspaper is running a competition in which the winner will appear alongside cartoon character Oor Wullie in a characteristic adventure; the feature is proving popular with kids in a Russian school as well as in Scotland. See Oor Wullie's Unique Fundraiser

Kirkcaldy's Beach Highland Games

Kirkcaldy in Fife may not be a traditional Highland venue, but it has decided to get in on the act and recently its games attracted more than 3,000 people. See: Kirkcaldy's Beach Highland Games

Chariots of Fire to Run Again

A New Eric Liddell movie is on the stocks but there is controversy amongst the religious community, that Liddell's strong Christian beliefs will be airbrushed from the picture. See: Chariots of Fire to Run Again

Go North Young Man

After many decades of population decrease the north of Scotland is experiencing an upturn in the number of people living there as young folk are encouraged to stay and others move there from the south, attracted by greater opportunities, higher quality of life and strong community links. See: Go North Young Man

From Paisley to the World via Baker Street

The Celebration of Scottish Songwriting concert will be the flagship event of Bring it all Home - a songwriting festival inspired by the legacy of Gerry Rafferty. See: From Paisley to the World via Baker Street

Indyref Dream (or nightmare) - Alex Salmond's New Book

Another 10,000 copies of former Scottish Nationalist leader Alex Salmond's independence referendum diaries are set to be printed as his publishers plan the launch of a paperback edition of his debut book. See: Indyref Dream (or nightmare) - Alex Salmond's New Book

The Booming Fringe

This year's figures for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival are particularly healthy. Sales are reported to be up by about a third on last year by the operators of some venues despite going head-to-head with the Edinburgh International Festival for the first time in almost two decades. See: The Booming Fringe

Glasgow's Clockwork Orange Gets Revamp

Glasgow's Underground system (which literally goes round in circles and is nicknamed the "Clockwork Orange" due to its colour scheme) is to close for a year to allow the system to be safely upgraded which will bring in driverless trains, new escalators and glass screens on platforms. See: Glasgow's Clockwork Orange Gets Revamp

Scottish Clichés Still Overwhelm Whisky - to its Detriment

The Scotch whisky industry is being criticised for its marketing based on "bagpipes, heather and tartan", and have relied too long on clichéd notions of Scottishness to sell their product. See: Scottish Clichés Still Overwhelm Whisky - to its Detriment

July Postbag

Readers' Feedback from last month's Newsletter. See: July Postbag

And Finally...

A Donald Trump Joke... See: And Finally...

Next Newsletter

The next newsletter is scheduled for 5 September and will be a mixture of various items, including "Memory Lane".

Of course, if you have any Scottish memories which you would like to contribute to "Memory Lane" please send them in!

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