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- July Postbag

July Postbag
Ella was in good form after my outing last month

I'd kind of forgotten Edinburgh Rock simply because I haven't seen it for 8 years, the last time I was in Edinburgh. All my 25 years in Scotland I loved that stuff. Thank Goodness somebody has bought them because eating Edinburgh Rock is a tradition. I wish I had a piece of it right now.

What about the Russian's yacht???? Imagine the folks looking at the size of that sitting in the Bay. Of course, maybe other yachts visit, but I bet not that size. I wonder how he made his money. I admire him for bicycling around the whole place. It means he was interested.

Wind machines - well they are rife not far from us in the desert around Palm Springs, Ca. If the Lord of the manor doesn't like a few, he'd go nuts to see the ones here. They are like an army - down in the flatlands and up in the rocky hills. Mind you, I've heard everybody's electricity is taken care of. However, I don't think I'd want one in my view, never mind three or four. They are enormously high as well.

Note that Ella - and anyone else in North America hankering for a stick of Edinburgh Rock can buy it from Amazon.com....

A brickbat from Robert chastising me for my piece about Abramovich's trip to Bute:
Please! Less glorification of billionaires who have little or nothing to do with Scottish culture; more photos and info on Bute.

Bruce was moved to write a wee poem about my cheeky wee piece about the lady diners at an Inverness restaurant who could not resist a man in a kilt -

Let Freedom sway beneath the kilt,
Testament to how Man's built.
Should Lassies quest to reach up under,
No garment there should dull their wonder.
All hail our heritage, in kilt and plaid,
Of breezy knees, this Lad is glad.

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Tam O'Ranter
May 2014

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