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Oor Wullie's Unique Fundraiser
The Sunday Post has come up with a great way to raise some cash for a children's hospice - it is running a competition with the winner appearing alongside Oor Wullie Wullie in a characteristic comic strip adventure. Details are available at Sunday Post Competition

It also appears that Wullie is going down well in deepest Russia. 165 Children from Hillhead school in Wick in Caithness in the far north of Scotland are corresponding with youngsters from Novouralsk, a closed city 1,000 miles east of Moscow. The Russian town came into being during World War II but was kept secret until 1994. It is heavily involved in the Russian uranium enrichment activities. Dounraeay in Caithness has also a history in the nuclear indusrty since the 1950s when it was the site of two nuclear establishments for the development of prototype fast breeder reactors.

Hillhead head teacher Ally Budge said: "School 57 in Novouralsk are keen to become involved in exchanges and we have participated in a number of joint activities with them.

"We posted them details of Robert Burns and they told us about their writer Pushkin. It seemed a very natural step to tell them about another great Scottish hero - Oor Wullie.

"We thought it was a real slice of Scottish culture and after that they found out lots more about Oor Wullie on websites. Funnily enough I also sent them a Broons notebook, but that didn't seem to have been such a big hit with them.

"I think the simplicity of Oor Wullie - a single character who gets into some escapades appeals to them a little more and is probably easier to understand. They also related Oor Wullie to one of their Russian folklore characters, Ivanushka Durachok (Ivan the Fool]."

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