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Alex Salmond's New Book
Another 10,000 copies of former Scottish Nationalist leader Alex Salmond's independence referendum diaries are set to be printed as his publishers plan the launch of a paperback edition of his debut book.

The publisher of 'The Dream Shall Never Die' has stated that the book had sold well in hardback and became a Sunday Times bestseller for two consecutive weeks.

The paperback will be published next month despite the book receiving mixed reviews from critics. Former Liberal Democrat leader Paddy Ashdown, an accomplished author, branded Mr Salmond's account of the final 100 days of the referendum campaign as a"an extraordinary exercise in self-congratulation" shortly after its launch.

Other verdicts have been more charitable. It received positive feedback in other quarters, achieving an average rating of 4.2 out of five from 191 readers who purchased the book through online retailer Amazon.

Amazon's page selling the book shows that they are retailing the hardback version at a discounted price which is lower than that shown for the new paperback version. Looks like the prices may fluctuate - a bit like the price of North Sea Oil?

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