Colours of Scotland - Autumn/Fall
- Edible Produce

Harvest time for grain is also when the various berries which can be made into jam (preserves) can be collected - and not necessarily in cultivated fields.


Family expeditions to collect brambles to make jam or jelly may not be as popular these days, but there are still plenty of people who believe that such homemade produce is tastier than that bought in the supermarket.

Rowan Berries

My gardening books tell me that the rowan is a member of the rose family. It's berries are often quite bitter but mixed with apples it makes an excellent jelly to have with venison or game birds like pheasants.

Rose Hip

Rose hip syrup is still sold as a source of vitamin C to ward off colds in the winter time.


This grain was growing in a field in Fife, on the south bank of the river Tay. I spotted it while driving past one late afternoon in September, before the farmer had got to it with the combine harvester.

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