Colours of Scotland - Autumn/Fall
- Heathers and Thistles

Heathers are popular plants in Scotland as they grow well in the acid soil and provide a lot of ground cover to keep down the weeds. And of course they look good too!

Pink Heather

This delicate pink variety of heather is a more cultivated cousin of the purple heathers which covers many hillsides in Scotland at this time of year.

Purple Heather

There are now varieties of heather which bloom at different times of the year and heather gardens can thus have colour throughout the year. This example was growing in the Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh.

Woolly Thistle

Most thistles grow in the wild but this cultivated "Woolly" thistle was growing in the grounds of Huntingtower Castle in Perthshire. Does it remind you of the sci-fi classic "Day of the Triffids"?


Wild thistles spread rapidly and will grow in hedgerows or any open ground. Thistledown is another attractive feature of this plant at this time of year.

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