Butterflies of Scotland
- Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary (Boloria selene)

Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary
Graphics via Wikimedia

The Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary is similar to the Pearl-bordered Fritillary but has black chevrons on edge of its wings, with a large central black dot on each one and white pearls (compared to 2 of the other species) on the underside. The Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary is widespread across central and northern Europe and through Asia to Korea and also occurs in North America. Range appears stable through much of Europe but declines have been reported in at least nine countries.

It is widespread across upland and western Britain, but not found in central, eastern England or Ireland. Its numbers are declining in England. It occurs in damp, grassy habitats, woodland clearings and moorland and has also been found in dune slacks and coastal cliffs.

In the UK this species uses several species of violet as foodplant. In dryer areas, Dog Violets are used whilst in wetter areas the foodplant is Bog Violet Viola palustris, or Marsh Violet growing amongst Purple Moor-grass or Tufted Hair-grass. They prefer the damper areas and they occur amongst bracken where this is shading the appropriate violet species

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