Butterflies of Scotland
- Dark Green Fritillary (Argynnis aglaja)

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The Dark Green Fritillary is a large (6-6.5cm), fast flying, orange and black butterfly, very similar to the much rarer High Brown Fritillary, which has an extra row of orange-ringed 'pearls' on the underside of the rear wing. It is found at various locations across Scotland, particularly in the Highlands and is not often seen in the more heavily populated Central Lowlands.

The Dark Green Fritillary has orange upper wings with dark spots and the undersides of the rear wings are a greenish colour with white spots. It can be seen from June to August in open meadows, moorlandscoastal areas and the edge of woodlands. It can be a frustrating butterfly to photograph it flashes past at speed. However, it can also be found feeding on thistles and knapweed. It lives for just six weeks.

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