Butterflies of Scotland
- Dingy Skipper (Erynnis tages)

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The dark brown Dingy Skipper is widely but patchily distributed across Britain. In Scotland, it occurs further north than any other Skipper, but only in isolated colonies in the region of Inverness. The Dingy Skipper flies from May to August.

Despite its name, the Dingy Skipper has an attractive mottled pattern on its wings, set off by a border of grey hairs round the hind-wing. It looks somewhat like a moth and at night it rests with its wings flat over its body, like a moth. In sunlight it basks with its wings spread out flat.

Dingy Skipper caterpillars feed solely on bird's-foot-trefoil, over-wintering until transforming into the chrysalis form in April and May. The butterflies are on the wing by May and June but live for only about 20 days.

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