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Twelve Months of Scottish Flowers

Here are the flowers which have been used to illustrate the section of the weekly Scottish Newsletter which includes the photos of flowers and other plants taken during the month of March.

Crocus bulbs are now coming into their own with a profusion of colours. This striped variety grows in my own front garden.
This magnolia was beginning to open out in the grounds of Pollok House in Glasgow. There is always a danger at this time of year with delicate flowers such as these, that night frost will damage the petals.

Some varieties of snowdrop come into flower as early as January. Others, such as this one, take longer to fully develop and are still in bloom long after any snow is likely to appear.
While some early daffodils can come into flower in February, the main months for the flowers of these popular bulbs are March and April.

A number of trees such as birch and hazel produce these pendulous catkins or "lamb's tails". These ones were photographed in Celzean Castle Country Park in Ayrshire, one of the National Trust For Scotland's most popular properties.
The berries of this Pernettya (also known as Gaultheria) have lasted the ravages of the winter very well - and are clearly not liked as food by the local birds.

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