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Twelve Months of Scottish Flowers

Here are the flowers which have been used to illustrate the section of the weekly Scottish Newsletter which includes the photos of flowers and other plants taken during the month of June.

This illustration of June flowers in Scotland is of broom, growing in the wild near Glasgow. Usually, broom is yellow but horticulturalists have bred multi-coloured versions like this one. Quite how it ended up in the countryside is a mystery.
This illustration is of a rhododendron "Pink Pearl" photographed in my own suburban garden near Glasgow. Being in a shady spot, it tends to bloom later in the season than many other rhododendrons.

This hawthorn tree was phototographed in an open area of countryside near Milngavie, north of Glasgow. As can be seen, it was a mass of small flowers.
Mostly the flowers of the hawthorn bushes and trees in Scotland are white (as in the example above) but this variety produces attractive double red flowers instead. The tree was photographed in a suburb of Glasgow.

The flower illustrated here is a species old fashioned rose "Rosa Moyesii" which produces a profusion of blooms at this time of year. The roses develop into large, bottle-shaped, red hips in the autumn.
This pine cone was still clinging to a conifer while this year's growth was making its presence felt. It was growing in the walled garden of Colzium House near Kilsyth in North Lanarkshire.

This foxglove is receiving the attentions of a busy bee. The photo was taken in suburban Glasgow.

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