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Twelve Months of Scottish Flowers

Here are the flowers which have been used to illustrate the section of the weekly Scottish Newsletter which includes the photos of flowers and other plants taken during the month of January.

Mahonia in Suburban Glasgow. This is a understandably a popular plant as it produces such bright, yellow flower spikes at a time of year when there is lack of colourful blooms.
Phalaenopsis or "Moth Orchids"
under the glass of the Winter Garden at Tollcross in Glasgow.

The oddly shaped petals of the hamamelis or witch hazel bush. It was spotted growing in a garden in the suburbs of Glasgow.
The flowers of the sloe bush - also known as blackthorn or "prunus spinosa". The gardening books describe this as a plant which flowers in March. Certainly, this one was near the centre of Edinburgh - in Princes Street Gardens, sheltering under the castle rock.

The foliage of a poinsettia plant inside the Winter Garden at Tollcross in Glasgow. Poinsettia are popular house plants in the lead-up to Christmas.
This photograph of the multi-coloured leaves of a eunonymous bush was taken while the snow was still falling.

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