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Twelve Months of Scottish Flowers

Here are the flowers which have been used to illustrate the section of the weekly Scottish Newsletter which includes the photos of flowers and other plants taken during the month of April.

The cherry blossom illustrated here was photographed in Milngavie (pronounced "Milguy") a suburb of Glasgow where a number of these lovely trees line the side of the road.
The illustration is of a marsh violet. Although it looks quite large, blown up on the screen, it is actually a very small, delicate wild flower. It was spotted growing on a wall in the countryside, north of Glasgow.

By this time of year there are so many lovely flowers in bloom that it is hard to select which one to include. But I could not leave out this helleborus at Geilston Gardens, on the road to Helensburgh!
Many of the spring flowers are now in full bloom, such as this forsythia bush, named after the Scottish botanist and plant hunter William Forsyth (1737-1804) from Old Meldrum, who became Superintendent of the Royal Gardens of St James and Kensington.

There was a picture of sloe in January, taken in the sheltered environment of Edinburgh city centre. This picture of sloe blossom was taken in the countryside north of Glasgow. Sloe is also known as blackthorn.
This illustration of current flowers in Scotland is the blossom of the "Flowering Currant" or Ribes. Like a number of spring flowers, the blooms come out ahead of the leaves. Later in the season, the flowering currant lives up to its name and produces dark, purple berries.

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