Traditional Scottish Songs
- Breakfast in My Bed on Sunday Morning

Sir Harry Lauder's simple philosophy of life comes through in many of his songs - such as this one. And who can argue with his attitude to a relaxing Sunday morning? It is perhaps in the same mould as "It's Nice to Get Up in the Morning - But It's Better to Stay in Your Bed"!
The words here have been sourced via a Web site dedicated to Sir Harry Lauder where you will find a a lot more of his songs and can order sheet music of Lauder songs.

Breakfast in My Bed on Sunday Morning

I never, never worry, worry, and I never, never grieve.
I take things nice and easy - what I canna take, I leave.
I work the whole week round, frae early morn till late at nicht.
On Saturday, I eagerly look forword wae delicht to....

Beautiful Sunday! I wish it would never come Monday!
For I lie between the sheets my bed adornin'!
O, it's very nice, yes it's very very nice
To get yer breakfast in yer bed on Sunday morning.

What joy, what great delicht it is, to hear the kirk bells ring!
I wouldn't miss their welcome sound, no not for anythin'
When they commence to ring, I rise, but if it looks like rain,
I fill my pipe, then licht it, and go back to bed again on...

Chorus (twice)

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