Traditional Scottish Songs
- It's Nice To Get Up In The Mornin'

This song was written by Harry Lauder. The words here have been sourced via a Web site dedicated to Sir Harry Lauder where you will find a a lot more of his songs.

It's Nice To Get Up In The Mornin'

O', ye'll never, never, never thrive, lying in yer bed,
Early risin' makes us wise, I've often heard it said,
I believe in that mysel', but as far as I can see,
If early risin' makes us wise, ye'll say the same as me-

O! it's nice to get up in the mornin' when the sun begins to shine,
At four or five or six o'clock in the good old summer time.
When the snow is snowin' and it's murky over head,
O! it's nice to get up in the mornin', but it's nicer to lie in bed.

O! there's lots o' folks that never work, they hate the very name,
And others would be idle if it wasn't just for shame.
They say we should rise wi' the lark, well I believe that when,
The lark we should rise wi' doesn't get up till ten-


O' my brither Jock's a baker, and he sleeps along wi' me,
In the winter morn Jock has to rise and start his work at three.
Before he gets his troosers on, his legs are nearly numb,
So while he's standin' shiverin', I lie in bed and hum -


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