Traditional Scottish Recipes
- Whisky-Mac Prawns

Whisky with green ginger is known as "Whisky-Mac" (see the Cocktail recipes) and the same ingredients can add an extra sparkle to prawn cocktail!

2 fluid ounces of blended Scotch whisky
2 fluid ounces green ginger wine
1 tablespoon of honey
A 1-inch square of peeled fresh ginger, chopped finely
2 ripe avocados
8 ounces prawns
Lettuce leaves, lemon slices and possibly a whole prawn, for garnish.

Mix the whisky, green ginger wine, honey, chopped ginger. Peel the avocados and remove the stone. Chop the avocados into bite-size pieces, place in a dish and soak them and the prawns in the whisky mixture for half-an-hour. Place lettuce leaves in six dishes and add the prawn mixture. Finish with a slice of lemon and a whole prawn (if you have one).

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