Traditional Scottish Recipes
- Cocktails

Here are a few cocktail recipes, using some of Scotland's liquid gold. Be warned! Some of these pack a real punch! It is suggested that blended whisky is used - it's a waste to use good malt!

Flying Scotsman - Mix three glasses whisky, 2.5 glasses Italian Vermouth and add one tablespoon bitters and a tablespoon of sugar syrup.

Hilton Fling - Mix a measure of Dubonnet with half a measure of Drambuie. Add a dash of orange bitters and a slice of orange.

Rusty Nails - Mix a measure of Drambuie to a measure of whisky and stir well.

Manor Punch - Mix a measure of whisky, Martini and a dash of Drambuie and serve with a cherry. You decide whether to shake or stir...

Rob Roy - Mix a measure of whisky and Martini and add two dashes of Angostura bitters.

Robbie Burns - Measure of whisky mixed with Martini and three dashes of Benedictine.

Prince Charlie - Equal measures of Drambuie, Cognac and lemon juice.

Flora Macdonald - Mix a measure of Drambuie and dry gin to two measures of French Vermouth. Wow!

Whisky-Mac - The classic cocktail of equal parts whisky and green ginger wine or one part wine to two of whisky. Mix by holding the bottom of the glass and gently shaking.

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