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Templeton Carpet Factory

When the Templeton Carpet Company decided to build a factory towards the end of the 19th century, overlooking Glasgow Green, the oldest park in Glasgow, it should have been a straightforward job. But the city council kept rejecting their proposals because they were not good enough.

So William Leiper was given the brief to design a building with impeccable credentials. He came up with the idea of making it look like the Doge's Palace in Venice - it is not clear whether he was being serious but the council approved. So in 1892 his extravagant edifice of polychromatic brick - orange, yellow, blue, with turrets and arches and circular windows became a reality.

Over the years, additions have been made - some, such the one made in the 1930s, as colourful as the original. It is no longer a carpet factory but has become a business centre instead.

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