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Ibrox Stadium

Football (soccer) is the most popular spectator sport in Scotland and many Scots follow their local football teams with passion. But there are two teams - Celtic and Rangers - with supporters from across Scotland (indeed across the world) and both are located in Glasgow.

Rangers' Ibrox Stadium is in Govan, famous for its shipyards on the Clyde. Rangers' first match at the new stadium was a 3-1 victory over Hearts in the Inter-City League on December 30 1899. The stadium expanded over the years and in January 2 1939 118,567 watched Rangers play Celtic, which is still the British record attendance for a League game.

Over the years, it has been upgraded and modernised (though the frontage and many internal features have been retained) and it is now one of only twelve in Europe given five-star status by UEFA, the European football governing body. The capacity (all seated these days) is 50,500.

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