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Gallery of Modern Art

The Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) is housed in the centre of Glasgow in a building originally built as an elegant, grecian-style mansion for an 18th century tobacco merchant who had made his fortune in America. It later became the Stirling Library but in the early 1990s it became the Gallery of Modern Art.

This is a modern art gallery which everyone can enjoy, even those who would not normally consider themselves "arty" (and that includes me!). The art which has been acquired for this gallery has been produced by living artists, often with a Glasgow link. While it may take a Glaswegian to see some of the subtler humour, it is definitely a gallery which will entertain. While the sculpture of the Queen in carpet slippers, bringing in the milk and papers from the doorstep of Buckingham Palace may not always be on display - but there are plenty of others to raise a grin.

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