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Glasgow Cathedral

Glasgow Cathedral is reputed to be on a site beside the Molendinar Burn (now covered over) on which St Mungo built his first church in the 6th century. The tomb of St Mungo is also located within the present building and there are fragments of an old 13th century shrine to the Saint.

The cathedral was consecrated in 1136 in the presence of King David I. But this building was destroyed by fire and the present building was started in 1197 by Bishop Jocelyn and this was largely completed by the end of the 13th century, though Robert Blacader, the first Bishop of Glasgow added to it in the 15th century.

Glasgow Cathedral was the only cathedral on the Scottish mainland to escape the destruction of the Reformation after the craftsmen of the Trades House persuaded the Reformers to spare it. The Archbishop had already fled to France with the cathedral's relics and jewels (where they remain).

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